Wholesale Fresh Flowers Brighten Your Home Office

You work hard in your home office and you deserve a treat that makes all that work a little bit more enjoyable. When it comes to rewards, there’s nothing quite like treating yourself to fresh flowers. The fragrance, the colors, the way they bring that beautiful spark of life into your workspace.

Big floral arrangements can be pricey, though, especially for what you’re getting. So, my preference is to buy wholesale fresh flowers, arrange them myself, and wind up with flowers for every room in the house. These days, you can find a lot of wholesale flower suppliers on the internet who mostly specialize in wedding flowers–that means they tend to have a wide selection of beautiful blooms that arrive fresh and ready for display.

Here are some great choices for your home office:

Fresh Tulips

Lovely tulips in a vase

If you have a modern home office, tulips have a clean shape that fits in beautifully. And, if you pick up 100 or more stems, you’ll be able to decorate your whole house with them. For the most modern look, tall clear glass vases let you see those dramatic green stems.


Wholesale ranunculus fresh flowers

Ranunculus are my favorite flowers–all those petals, the gorgeous, rich colors they come in, the way they’re a pretty easy bulb to grow. They’re also popular for weddings which means you can get great prices on them when you buy at least 100 stems. They look gorgeous in shapely white vases, and I think they look best when you mix colors together.


Bulk fresh roses

Roses are typically everyone’s first choice, and it’s no wonder. They’re dramatic and lush and long-lasting and they usually smell wonderfully. Move beyond the typical red or yellow roses you see so often with these fairytale pink apricot stems. Green roses are also gorgeous, especially in a shabby chic office, but they’re a little more expensive than more common colors.

What are your favorite fresh flowers for decorating a home office?

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  1. Fresh flowers are undoubtedly the most common form of home decoration especially for the purpose of adding color, freshness and zest to the home. Thanks for great post!

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