Pottery Barn Home Office Sale

Pottery Barn is having a 20% off sale on some of their gorgeous home office furniture. So, if you’ve been coveting their Printer’s Office Suite, for instance, now would be a great time to place an order.

A few more gorgeous pieces that are on sale:

Printer’s Letter File Hutch
Home Office Desk Hutch

A selection of lovely baskets
Home office baskets from Pottery Barn

The Harrison Lamp
Home Office Desk Lamp

Now, if you’ll excuse me, the Wyatt Table Lamp is calling my name…

**Just so you know, this post wasn’t sponsored or requested–I just noticed the sale going on and wanted to share it with you.**

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Corkboard wall calendars for the home office

Last week, I shared some of my favorite chalkboard wall calendars. With school just around the corner, I’m looking for a way to manage oodles of schedules and thought a big wall calendar would be a great approach.

For us, chalkboards aren’t ideal, so though I got a lot of inspiration from the choices I shared with you last week, none of those calendars will be finding their way into my office.

This week, I have corkboards. I happen to adore corkboards–they’re so easy to use, and can be decorated in so many different ways. And I was delighted to find so many attractive corkboard wall calendar options. Here are some of my favorites.

Corkboard calendar

First up, we have a pretty standard corkboard calendar–it’s a great size, and I love the tip to adhere the dates with velcro so that each month the calendar is easy to set up. With something this large, I think I’d stick with a solid color as Southern Living has done, but I don’t think I’d use two neutrals–for my office space, a colored ribbon would infuse a nice jolt of color.

If you only need to see a week at a time, Michaela made seven cute squares that might fill the bill. I like the way she switched up the positioning of the fabric on the squares to give it a bit more dimension without a lot of detail to distract from the week’s agenda.

I love this checkerboard style command center. It looks like it was from Pottery Barn, but I can’t find it on their website now, so you’d probably have to DIY it. Their version includes white boards and chalkboard tiles, but I’d like it all in cork.

I love Shannon’s collection of framed corkboards and think it would make a great calendar system–you could even number the frames themselves which would save a little space and give each frame an extra decorative element.

I love this embroidered perpetual calendar by Sara on Etsy. It’s hand embroidered on natural linen and has a piece of cork in the back so that you can pin and re-pin the numbers to date the calendar. I couldn’t resist including this one even though it doesn’t really have any space for weekly tasks.

This gathering inspiration for my wall calendar has been so much fun. And I’m not done sharing just yet–stay tuned for one more roundup of fantastic wall calendars for home offices.

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What do you think of the vintage industrial trend?

A friend and I were talking about how so many shops are offering new furniture designed to look both old and industrial–she thought it was odd to buy such items new (as opposed to actual vintage pieces) and was surprised they seem so popular.

I must admit, I see her point. Usually, you can score great true vintage industrial pieces at flea markets, consignment shops, and thrift stores. So, why would you pay top dollar for a replica? And, really, doesn’t it defeat the purpose of having great vintage-industrial pieces if they’re actually neither vintage nor truly industrial?

But, honestly, I think you love what you love, and sometimes you fall in love with a certain style but finding pieces with true functionality in that style is a little tricky (as is the case with true vintage industrial pieces–finding something with both style and functionality takes some serious time or luck). So, perhaps it’s okay to pick up those pieces that you adore “off the rack” as it were instead of spending lots of time hunting down the right piece only to discover it still needs fixing or reworking to be functional.

How about you–where do you stand on the vintage industrial trend in general? And how do you feel about brand new pieces done in the style?

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