What you look for in a desk

We asked, you answered–over 500 of you. Thank you!

Last month, we asked what you look for in a desk and, not surprisingly, the results were as varied as our readers:

  • 23% of you said you like a large desk–in fact, you voted, “The Bigger, The Better!”
  • 18% of you said you need something small and so you watch the measurements carefully to ensure a desk will fit your space.
  • 37% of you crave a desk with plenty of smart storage
  • 12% of you prioritize a desk’s style over all other details
  • 11% of you look for uniqueness in a desk and care most about that

Note: Numbers add up to more than 100% because of rounding

What we enjoyed most around the office were the comments you left on the survey form. From several annonymous commenters, we heard:

I love a big desk I can spread out on. It’s important that there’s space for the computer, my project, and all the resource files. Plus, I usually have a magazine open and at least one “back-burner” project on my desk. The best desk I’ve found so far: a dining room table! Plenty of room, and you can sit along it anywhere.

I have a drafting table that I love working on–with the work I do, I don’t need to be able to keep it at a slope, but it’s nice to be able to stand up while I’m doing my work.

Lots of storage is a must! Otherwise, my office looks like a tornado swept through. I love my pedestal desk because of all the drawers.

Among the commentors who left their names, Jenny said:

Uniqueness!!! I will seriously gouge my eyes out if I see another of those “sawhorse” desks. Bah. It was a clever idea when the materials were cheap, sure. But have you seen the price tags on some of those desks??

Pam said:

Solid wood. I know that wasn’t one of the options but nothing’s so distasteful to me as working on one of those cardboard contraptions. Give me solid wood or give me the floor, I say.

Yolanda said:

I work in a corner of our guest bedroom, so size and storage are key. But, it’s also really important that the style go with the rest of the room–I didn’t want my workspace sticking out like a sore thumb.

Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to fill out the survey–it was awesome reading your responses and your feedback will definitely play a role in the desks we feature here.

Enjoy your copy of “Designing the Perfect Desk: Elements Every Home Office Needs” as our thanks for your participation.

Didn’t get a chance to participate this time? Never fear! We’re already planning our next survey so you can score a copy of our delicious book, too.