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The Nester’s Christmas Tour got me thinking about decorating home offices and whether or not you do. This year, my home office has its own small tree, kept simple and low key with big, clear glass ornaments, and I brought in some extra candles (which will stay all winter) to make the room feel extra cozy. I’ll admit, though, I always struggle a bit with decorating–as much as I love seeing other people’s homes decorated, in my own, I can never get past thinking about all that cleanup! (And the storage space required!… Where do people keep all their decorations?!)

If you’re a big fan of decorating, I’d love to hear how you approach it; and if you’re lower-key like me, let’s commiserate! (If you don’t decorate at all, whether because you don’t celebrate, or you just don’t like to/want to, perhaps you could share if you make any changes to cozy up your home office for winter or de-cozy it if you’re in the southern hemisphere.)

And, if you need a bit of inspiration, how about an Office Supply Tree (by Martha Stewart, of course)? 😉

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Decorating the home office for the holidays

I haven’t lived in my current house for very long, so I’m still collecting decorations for the living room and entry (the dining room is completely decked out already). But, as I was decorating the other rooms for Christmas, I realized that I don’t want to leave out my office this year.

After all, there’s a big fireplace in there (perfect for stockings) and plenty of room for a tree or other decorations. Whichever winter holidays you decorate for (if you do), it can definitely be a treat to include the room you spend so much time in every day. Perhaps you can do this by using decorations from other rooms, or maybe you’ll decide to head out and buy some new stuff.

Here’s some of what’s catching my eye when I think about how I’d like to decorate my home office for the holidays this year.

A Forest of Glass Trees

Home office holiday decor
Aren’t these gorgeous? They’re from Wisteria and have such an ethereal, delicate look. The largest is 22″ tall, so you’ll need a bit of room to display these–they’d look elegant atop a mantle or perhaps on a bookshelf.

A Pink Fantasy Tree

Home Office Christmas Tree Like something straight out of a Dr. Seuss book, this pink tree from Target has completely charmed me. I love how playful it is. Plus, it’s not your typical Christmas tree which makes it perfect for a space like home office–what better way to make it clear you don’t work in a cubical than with a tree you’d never find in a stuffy office?

Clear Acrylic Snowflakes

Gorgeous home office accessories for winter decorating
There’s simply no better time of year to add lots of glitz and glitter than winter. I adore most of Jamali Garden’s home accessories, but especially love these acrylic snowflakes. In a cluster, they’d bounce light, especially hung high (for safety) above candles. They also have gorgeous crystal garlands that would be easy to use to adorn bookshelves or even your desk.

So, what do you think? Do you plan to decorate your home office for the holidays this year? How?

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