Bringing Cozy into the Office

You probably update your home’s decor with the seasons–switching to heavier blankets in the bedroom, and jewel toned accessories; maybe replacing lighter-weight window coverings with something heavier like velvet.

But, I bet you skip your home office when you’re doing this seasonal nesting. Most of us do. And that’s unfortunate–after all, if you work from home, you spend a lot of time in this room. And cozying it up can make a big difference in your productivity and how the room feels.

So, this year, why not pick up a few accessories that make your home office warmer and more homey for the fall and winter season? Here are some of our favorites.

A hand-knit throw from Toast amps up the snuggle factor when thrown over your desk chair (or draped over your lap).
Chunky hand knit throw

Velvet drapes have the added bonus of insulating your office better than sheerer fabrics, and they bring an elegance that will keep things cozy into spring.
Velvet drapes for the office

This wool rug from Brocade Home has a delicate, laser-cut pattern, which makes it perfect for keeping the floors warm and yet not feeling too heavy.
Wool rug with laser-cut pattern

What’s your favorite way to make your home office cozier as the temperature dips and the leaves fall?


  1. Leslie says:

    That rug is such a great idea–it looks like it’d be warm underfoot, but it doesn’t look too heavy for other seasons. Thanks!

  2. Laura says:

    Those curtains are really pretty–do you know if they’re any good? They’re a really tempting price!

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