Organizing Your Office in 2024: Chalkboard wall calendars

With the new year just around the corner, I’ve been itching for some new home office organization systems–there’s just something about January that makes me want to buy fresh new binders and recycle everything I don’t need anymore.

One of the things I’m craving is a big planning wall calendar. I’ve been gathering wall calendar inspiration, and today, I have three chalkboard style calendars to share with you.

First up, we have a gridded, painted calendar from Martha Stewart. It’s got a great blend of sleek and rustic, doesn’t it? Just enough texture to be interesting, and the straight lines keep it looking orderly.

Next, is this one-week calendar which is simply hung on the wall. This would be a great option for renters, or for people who don’t want the hassle of painting over chalkboard paint. I don’t really find a weekly calendar to be very helpful (I need to see my schedule further out to feel really organized), so if I go with this one, I’ll probably make a month’s worth of squares instead of just 7.

I really like the way Holly framed out her chalkboard for her command center. Plus, the tags add a unique, attractive touch. This version probably comes the closest to what I was looking for when I first started my search–it has a rustic charm, and enough polish that it would work well in many home offices (including mine!).

The drawback of chalkboard wall calendars, though, is that there’s all that dust involved. Of course, that they’re easily erased is both good and bad. So, I’m not completely sure this is the right approach for my office. Lucky for me, there’s plenty more inspiration out there, so stay tuned for another roundup or two of what else I’m considering for creating a big wall calendar in my office.


  1. Maria Raguel says:

    I so enjoyed this post, Jessica! I’m often frustrated by how my home office looks and have been wanting to make some changes for awhile. I appreciate the inspiration!

  2. Danita says:

    Outstanding article, I am viewing back again on a regular basis to read more of your tips on home offices!

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