One more reason to move to England

Sure, there’s the great TV. And the accents. And London. Which is reason enough to move all on its own.

But, now I have one more reason to envy our readers in the UK. Michael, the garden office specialist. Sure, I could hire a handyman to build a garden office for me. But it simply wouldn’t be the same. I mean, look at Michael’s Site full of delectable tiny workspaces with all the details carefully attended to.

And he’s so right–who wouldn’t be tempted by the idea that they can simply walk to the end of their garden and get to work. I can’t imagine a lovelier commute than that.

Though I love my home office, should I need to give it up (it’s technically the family room), I’ll definitely be exploring the option of having a garden office built. So, do check out Michael’s website. And if you have a garden office of your own, I’d love to see photos!

What do you think of the idea of a home office that’s secluded in the garden?