Custom Office Design: A Hallway Home Office with a Glam Style

I was so delighted to do this office for reader Katherine both because I have a soft spot for tiny home offices, and also because I am not immune to flattery. Wonder what I’m talking about? Here’s what she wrote:

Jess, I loved the way you put together an office for an entry way for Denise and realized that would be the ideal solution for my house. My husband and I live in a tiny 1-bedroom apartment, but we have a big hall with a bit of an alcove space. So, I could tuck my office in there, and as long as I keep things tidy, it’ll be the perfect spot for me to work from home between now and when we move in about 8 months.

Because the office will be semi-temporary, I’d like furnishings that I can use in a different room later, or stuff that won’t cost much. You’ll be able to see the space from the living room, so I’d like the styles to coordinate. Right now, the walls are white, and we can’t paint, but maybe there’s something else we could do to warm the space up? The living room is pretty glitzy–I like all things metallic, shiny, and Hollywood glam.

Can’t wait to see what you do with the space!

Here’s what I put together for Katherine:

Custom mood board: glamorous home office

Here’s the plan:

  1. The Harlequin Accent Jute Rug from Linda Anderson has a clean, graphic look that’ll look great underfoot.
  2. A built-in desk will make the most of the space, and it’s really easy to do. What’s more, by attaching the work surface directly to the wall on three sides, you’ll keep things from falling behind it. Because Katherine’s husband is handy, and they’re allowed to hang things on the walls (they just can’t paint), this is a project that they’ll be able to complete in a few hours that’ll save them some money and maximize the space. They’ll use a piece of laminate counter (with plywood or MDF underneath), custom cut to the dimensions of the space and installed with the appropriate supports.
  3. The French Honeycomb Mirror from Wisteria is the perfect size for the space. The playful style brings a sense of freshness, yet it’s still got the glitzyness that the rest of Katherine’s home has.
  4. The CB2 Trig cabinet will slide under the desk to keep Katherine’s desk supplies and files handy. In Titanium, of course!
  5. A Patent Leather Ottoman from Brocade Home will be both comfy to sit on, and look great under the desk. Of course, ottomans are pretty easy to move around the house and this one will fit right in at the new house’s bedroom, living room, or office. There’d be room for two under the desk.
  6. A single-stem orchid from Pro Flowers–because fresh flowers make the office so much nicer ;-).
  7. The Gabrielle table lamp from Z Gallerie will shine plenty of light on the workspace, and will fit right in with the living room furnishings after the move.
  8. Organization accessories: the People+Places Set, Signature Three Ring Binder (with dry-erase board on the inside to make it extra useful) and Collator are all from Russel + Hazel. The Action Runner is from Behance.

If you, too, are squeezing a home office into a small space, what are some of your favorite tips? And, what do you think of the plan for Katherine’s hallway home office?

(Psst… Want to get your own custom mood board? If you happen to be in the mood for a board of your own, click here to score some home office decorating advice for yourself.)

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4 Responses to Custom Office Design: A Hallway Home Office with a Glam Style

  1. Mary says:

    I love that honeycomb mirror–I’d never heard of Wisteria before; thanks for the temptation ;-).

  2. Izzy says:

    The Russel + Hazel binders are totally awesome–easily my favorite binder ever.

  3. Oh, I love the Russell + Hazel binder. I have those and, would you believe – I had NO idea the inside could be used as a whiteboard? Now I feel both dumb and inspired.
    .-= Meredith from Penelope Loves Lists’s last blog: Olive Manna from Heaven: a GIVEAWAY of listmaking goodies =-.

  4. Erin says:

    Love the use of ottomans for seating. We have a bright green cube ottoman for our desk in the den, and it gets moved around to be used for other purposes all the time. Love it!

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