Custom Mood Board: Old World Office

Bethany needed a custom mood board for her home office. She writes:

Jessica, I just got permission from my boss to work from home three days a week (yay!) and now need to set up a great space to work from home in. I’ll be using our FROG [Finished Room Over the Garage] which has no closet, slanted ceilings, and is about 20×30. There’s one window on either end and we’ll be installing skylights so the space will get more natural light.

My style is classic/traditional, and I’d love something old world–you know, old libraries, leather chesterfields, rich wood tones. My husband and I have also just started a business, so he’ll be using the space as well, and we’ll be meeting with clients here. So, we’ve decided to spend whatever it takes to get the space perfect–we know that having a great office, in looks and function, will pay off.

Since my husband will be working here, too, it can’t be *too* girly, but I do want it to be feminine and warm.

The activities we’ll be doing in the space mean include a lot of computer work (we’ll need room for three workstations and two laptops), and we’ll need lots of product storage, file storage, and book storage.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Thanks.

How delicious does that sound–a giant room with plenty of natural light, decorated like an old English Library. Yum!

Since Bethany and her husband will be meeting with clients and providing a high-end service, I wanted to bring in a tiny bit of glam to the space as well (in the form of that gorgeous chandelier). And, she definitely doesn’t want anything modern, preferring warm wood tones and cozy furniture. Also, they already have two guest seating chairs and two desk chairs (so, that’s why there are no individual chairs on the board). Bethany also specifically asked for no area rugs, but if you’d like something perfect for your office space, I’m digging the idea of a wool felt rug like this one.

So, here’s what the office will look like:

home office decor

  1. This gorgeous bubble chandelier brings a touch of playfulness into the space, plus it’s not girly like a traditional chandelier but is far more interesting than a ceiling fan.
  2. The trestle table does double duty–it’s a great place to spread out with a project, or meet with clients, plus it’ll serve as our occassional laptop work station. In my own office, I have a big dining room table like this and it’s perfect for everything from lunch meetings with my assistant to a space to storyboard ideas (or cover with materials for these mood boards!).
  3. These lovely library prints come in six options and are 16×12″. I’d buy all six and hang them in 24×20 (white) frames. They’ll be unique and smart-looking. Another option is purchasing one (or more) of the calendars from the same site and framing those photos as prints. (Since the 2005 calendar includes a photo of the Hereford Cathedral Chained Library, that’d be my pick.)
  4. This enormous library will give them plenty of storage space, especially as their office has room for four (tho I think two will be more than enough). At 16″ wide, and with the cupboards below, they won’t run out of space to stow stuff any time soon.
  5. This antique kidney-shaped desk has just the right dose of feminine for the space, plus it’s got all the drawers Bethany craves.
  6. This 1780 desk is nice and big, providing Bethany’s husband with room to stretch out. Again, plenty of drawers will help keep those office supplies stowed away.
  7. Hand scraped teak flooring will give the room gravitas and elegance, and for the wall color, I love Morning Fog from Sherwin Williams in Matte. White accessories and trim will bring a brightness into the space, and a darker gray for accessories like a throw for the Chesterfield or a rug will pull everything together while keeping the space serene.
  8. The owl clock has a wonderful sense of whimsy and an owl is the perfect choice for “old world” style because of their prim and proper image.
  9. Fabric roman shades in ivory are an elegant touch. In many offices, I’d suggest something darker, but Bethany only wants to filter the light, not block it, and because of the office’s location, privacy isn’t a concern at all. Plus, if Bethany takes my recommendation and puts the large storage units on either side of the windows, there won’t be room for curtains, so this gives the windows a tidy look.
  10. The Edward from is more than just a great-looking, traditional piece. It’ll give them a place for office naps, or an additional spot to work with a laptop. Plus, the hand rubbed leather finish definitely says old world library.
  11. This pair of steampunk table lamps will bring the desks together and shed plenty of light on the workspace.
  12. And, it wouldn’t be a GirlyPC office makeover without a touch of green. In Bethany’s case, these easy-to-care-for succulents are perfect, plus the urn they come with has a vintage patina.

That’s how we’d bring an Old World Style to Bethany’s gigantic office space. The new room will be bursting with elegance and storage space. And if you happen to be in the mood for a board of your own, click here to score some home office decorating advice for yourself.

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4 Responses to Custom Mood Board: Old World Office

  1. Beth W. says:

    It’s gorgeous–thank you–so much better than I was even hoping for! And, in a rare feat, you actually managed to put together something my husband loves too (we seldom have similar tastes). We’ve already ordered the flooring and will follow your advice on picking up the rest as we’re ready for it. Thank you!!!

  2. allison says:

    Thanks for including my succulent garden along with all these other wonderful items!

  3. Susan says:

    What a great surprise t see my lamps included in this wonderful mood board.
    Thank you very much, what a great group to be included with.

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