Great office art from Etsy

I’ve been looking for some new artwork for my office walls and am finding there’s not as much as I was expecting that’s not either a) too personal (I entertain clients in my office, so some of what I love would be great in the living room, but not in the office); or b) too generic.

Because I work in architecture, I liked the idea of bold, classic patterns, and found that when I searched with those terms, more possibilities opened up. Here are a few of my favorites.

The Zig Zag Chevron Pink Orange Yellow Green is a 5×5 art block by studioredtilestudio. This chevron print is mounted to a cedar block and then varnished in a high gloss finish. That means it winds up being a beefy 1.5 inches thick making it a really solid statement on an office wall. What’s more, the shop offers a wide variety of similar prints so you could create an attractive wall grouping if you wanted.


Perennial Moment by papermoth is a lovely 8 x 10 print. I love that it’s feminine and fresh and dynamic and just a little bit unexpected for an office.

A Little Peacock Print by dekanimal is available in two sizes. The simple color scheme gives the print just the right amount of drama for an office space, while the patterns in the feathers are playful in such a perfect way.

The Cultured Cow is an 8 x 10 print by WildLifePrints. Okay, so this one might not be the right piece of art for all home offices, but for some it’s just the right blend of quirky. It’s charming, but not saccharine.

Something else that makes great art for an office are travel photos and other mementos. If you haven’t yet sailed off into the sunset (or if you’re like me and don’t enjoy lugging a camera along while you travel), how about this set of 10 postcard photos from Venice by missiaja? (By the way, check out the other photos in Marco’s collection–his carnival portraits are stunning.)

So, those are just some of the artwork I came across as I was seeking out ideal artwork for an office. Hope you enjoyed the roundup!

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Roundup of gorgeous 2011 day planners

One of my favorite things about the new year is choosing a fresh day planner. In my quest for one that’s just the right size, and has just the right innards (I need plenty of space to schedule my days), I came across these 5 gorgeous agendas that I wanted to share.

Satin Ribbon Planner

Satin Ribbon Planner

This handmade monthly planner offers several clever features aside from that lovely woven ribbon cover–you can choose your start month, the wire binding means it can lay flat on your desk, and it’s filled with motivational quotes to enjoy throughout the year.

Custom 2011 planner

My Lavender Cottage’s Planner

Another spiral-bound planner so that you can open it flat, this one features a fun inside design and handy tabs to take you straight to the month you want. A wide variety of papers are available for the outer cover, which means you’re sure to find one you like.

Leather hand-bound weekly planner

Leather Hand-bound Planner

This lovely leather planner is a delightfully tiny size–perfect for purses–at just 3.75″ x 6.25″. It’s a two-page weekly spread style, so if your handwriting’s tidy, and you don’t have a lot of activities to jam into each day, take a closer look and see if this is the planner that’s right for you.

Desktop planner

Desktop Planner

This clever desktop planner uses a wooden base and dividers to keep track of things and even has little pockets to hold smaller items. It’s solidly constructed, and handcrafted, and due to its design, reusable year after year. If you have a shabby chic style home office, this one might fit right in.

Earth-friendly green planner

Weekly Eco Planner

This undated planner is loaded with earth-friendly details like the recycled banana fiber paper that makes up its pages, and the hemp cover. Plus, by being undated, it’s extra flexible. (Though, I always find my handwriting’s not good enough for an undated planner, personally.)

Have you picked out your new 2011 planner yet? Do you even use a planner? I’d love to hear what you look for when making your decision!

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Latest finds: Double-duty home offices, drawer knobs, and fabric storage cubes

I wanted to share a great article and two awesome tutorials with you today.

Transparent home office desk

First up, Real Simple published a lovely collection of 21 home office spaces that are carved out of other rooms–from bedrooms to kitchens to entry ways. I do wonder about their suggestion to tuck an office into a nursery, though! But the photos are full of great ideas and hints for making the most of the space you have. And I love the idea to use acrylic furnishings for a “disappearing” office!

How to make drawer knobs

Yesterday, when I was looking for knobs for Ana’s secretary plans, I came upon a set that fell into the “cute idea; ho-hum execution” category for me. I loved the idea that they were monogramed, but didn’t love the typeface. So, when I ran across this charming tutorial for making your own drawer knobs, I had to share both with you. I have a tall chest here in my office with five drawers and I think it’d look really cute alternating letters and clip art for the knobs to help me remember what’s inside.

How to sew fabric storage cubes

And, finally, who couldn’t use more storage? These fabric cubes are easy to make and I love how customizable they are–from size to fabric, you can make them exactly the way you need them. I save cereal boxes for the cardboard, too, so I had some stashed and could get started right away.

Any links, articles or tutorials that have caught your attention so far this week?

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