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Depending on the setup of your home office, you may find it particularly challenging to find just the right rug for the space. From having a smaller budget for the room than you have for public areas (I’m not the only one prioritizing the family room over the office, right?) to needing a rug that’s larger–or smaller–than average, to needing something that strikes the perfect balance between professional and your personality… That’s a tall order!

So, when reader Laurie sent an email asking for guidance on choosing a rug, I was eager to make some recommendations. In Laurie’s case, she has a small budget and needs a large rug. Here’s what she wrote:

I need a 8 x 10 rug, but have you seen the prices on those suckers?! So, any advice for a simple (preferably solid color, or modern design) rug in that size that’s under a grand?

If you’re looking for a large, sleek/modern rug for your home office, take a look at these three that Laurie approved of for her own space (and Laurie, we’d love to hear which one you ultimately choose!)

Dash and Albert

The woven diamond rug from Dash and Albert has a low key, sophisticated pattern. It comes in several colorways, so if the light blue/ivory’s not quite right (or doesn’t have enough contrast for your space), make sure to check out the others. Be aware that it’s an indoor-outdoor rug.


This luscious cobalt blue rug, the Modern Times Harmony Blue Jay Rug, is definitely not subtle. It’s also a great price at just $300 for the 7’9″ x 10’9″ size.

Beige Stripe Rug

Though the pattern on this rug is a bit more dramatic than the other options I sent Laurie, it still strikes a nice balance between being interesting and yet not feeling old-fashioned. Be aware that it is made of Polypropylene, which accounts for it’s really low price (just $175).

Other challenges for choosing rugs for a home office include needing to deal with the office chair legs (make sure to pick up a rug protecting mat), but in Laurie’s case that wasn’t an issue due to her office set up. If it is an issue for you, you’ll probably want to only choose from rugs you see in person–it can be tricky to determine how tightly woven/dense/and tall a rug is from its online description and photos.

What do you look for in choosing rugs for your home office? Or have you left the floors rug-less?

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High-backed home office chair

We’re back with another installment in the home office makeover series. This time, I’ve got a round up of chairs. Jessica’s redesign has left her with a perfect nook for a reading chair, but she wants it to be just so–a chair with a high back and cozy feel. She asked me for some recommendations and here are some of my favorites.

The Alice

At 52″ tall, this Overstock.com chair is definitely taller-than-average, and the sleek wings keep it cozy. It would look absolutely stunning against Jessica’s painted purple brick wall, and would make a perfect spot for client calls or sketching design ideas.

Versailles Domed Burlap-Backed Chair

I’m a sucker for the high drama of this porter’s chair from Restoration Hardware. At a whopping 62″ tall, I think it may even be taller than Jessica herself, and it would create a cozy reading retreat in her office.

Sienna Chair

The shortest of the bunch, this sleek ivory leather chair from Jayson Home and Garden is still 42″ tall (which is taller than typical occasional chairs). The nailhead trim gives it a classic look, but the chair still feels really modern because of the clean lines.

Minimalist Wing Chair

The Minimalist Wing Chair by Pearson is upholstered in a menswear-inspired windowpane plaid which gives it a sophisticated, cozy feel. It’s 45″ tall, so it’s a bit taller than the Sienna, and it has classic, yet sleek lines.

It’s currently on sale via One King’s Lane for just $1099 (from its regular retail price of $2500). If you’ve never heard of OKL, it’s a members-only home goods site. To join (and see the Minimalist Wing Chair and other great deals), start here. (Note: that is an affiliate link–when you join, you’ll also be eligible for special rewards for recommending the site to friends.)

So, which chair would you choose? And how do you feel about extra-tall chairs in the office?

Classy Desk Blotters

A few weeks ago, I received an email from a reader asking for recommendations for desk blotters. Between the oversize, ungainly calendars and the 1980s vinyl “leather-look” options, it’s slim pickings out there!

But, if you’re in the market for an attractive desk blotter, look no further. Here are my three favorites plus one great tutorial for making your own desk blotter.

Black and Gray Geometric Desk Blotter Pad

This 14 x 20 blotter by Labnutz features a quatrefoil pattern in sophisticated black and gray. Depending on the size of your desk, it may be a bit too small, but it’s a great size for smaller desks. The side pockets are great for tucking away notes or other papers you want to keep front and center.

Labnutz creates each blotter herself in Raleigh, NC.

Bella Desk Blotter

The Bella desk blotter from See Jane Work comes in five gorgeous colors. It measures 16 x 21 and features contrasting stitching.

It’s handmade in Italian leather and measures 16 x 21.

Oasis Pad Backer with Concept Pad

The Concept Pad (and Oasis Pad Backer) from Levenger is great for creatives. The 11 x 17 ” sheets of the Concept Pad
offer plenty of space for notes and drawing. The pad itself is only 20 x 12 so it might be dwarfed by larger desks.

Make Your Own

Martha Stewart offers a step-by-step tutorial to make your own desk blotter using leather and chipboard. The great thing about a diy desk blotter is that you can make it any size and color you’d like so you can be sure it suits your desk. (Of course, if you choose to use a standard blotter pad to fill it, you’ll want to make sure you rely on those dimensions.)

Which desk blotter would you like for your own desk?

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