Write for GirlyPC!

Would you like to submit a guest article? We’d be delighted to read it. The guidelines we ask you to abide by are:

  1. Use standard American English. This includes spelling and punctuation rules.
  2. Proofread your article. Then have someone else proofread it. While we all make mistakes, articles that have excessive typos will be rejected.
  3. Keep your topic to home office spaces and computers and how we can make these spaces more personal, more elegant, more beautiful, more Girly!
  4. Allow us at least two weeks to consider your article. Please don’t simultaneously submit your piece–if you can’t let us have two weeks to look it over, we’re not the outlet for your work.
  5. We only accept pieces that haven’t been published elsewhere online. Thanks for understanding this!
  6. Articles that include photos are more likely to be accepted. Photos should be at least 425 x 300.

Payment: We don’t pay for unsolicited articles, but sending us an article you’ve written can be a great way to introduce yourself. We do pay for articles we request when those articles don’t feature your product or service. (For instance, if you sell a gorgeous Paint Your Own Mural kit, and we ask if we can feature your steps on our site, we won’t pay you. But, if you’re a mural artist and don’t sell a kit and we ask you for a tutorial, we would pay you.)

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask. We’re really, really friendly and would be delighted to offer you guidance.

Submit your article using our Contact Form.

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